What We Do

Originally established by Chris Savage in 1996 as Savage Workouts, today Savage Life Fitness, on the lower level of the prestigious Capitol Towers building, is Sacramento's Premier Fitness and Wellness solution. The beautiful private studio has been in operation since January 2013.

Accept our Challenge, Create a New You!

Whether your goal is to set a World Record in push-ups, win a Spartan Race, or lose 100lbs, we have someone here who has already done that. Let us help you on your journey to what ever you define as success. First month goal: 10 workouts, pick a mentor, read the Savage Diet. Package includes: Unlimited Classes (must attend 3 classes per week for 6 weeks) Meal Plans Body Measurements Tailored Workouts for you

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Top Athletes

December Josh – 216 pts Rory – 201 pts Fiona – 156 pts Victoria – 150 pts Maria – 148 pts Weei – 141 pts Savage – 120 pts Greg – 98 pts Alicia – 88 pts Jon – 87 pts Oscar – 74 pts Matt C. – 62 pts Natasha – 60 pts Morgan – 59 pts Ashley – 55 pts Glory – 53 pts Donna 52 pts Esme – 51 pts John – 46 pts Jennifer – 43 pts Points are awarded to the top finishers of each weekly workout. The more workouts you do the more likely…

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Class Schedule

This week’s classes. Register today!

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Record Breakers

Fiona Castleton

555 Push-Ups

Current World Record Holder

Maria Tobar

302 Push-Ups

World Record holder from Aug. 2014 – Nov.2016